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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  January 31, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the woman who died. >> reporter: neighbors responded on their own. i woke up csh -- >> i woke up to the screams. >> reporter: the woman suffered from severe burns but the victim's mother was trapped on the top floor. he grabbed the ladder. >> put the ladder up there and tried to get up to the lady. we were hearing her voice and all of a sudden we didn't hear it anymore. the black smoke consumed us all, the whole entire building. >> reporter: police ordered the men to away. when firefighters arrived, they confirmed what many of the good
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samaritans already knew. >> one victim was found on the second floor due to smoke inhalation and thermal burns. >> neighbors said the unidentified victim was a large woman who at times had to use a well claire to move about. they said the last moments were spent begging them to get her out. >> knowing she did pass away and now i'm really hurt by that. >> reporter: in west baltimore, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> within the last hour they have identified her as brenda giddings sewel. >> a woman drowned in a flooded cam. the woman was found in a wooded
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area at 198 and the laurel race track. a second person was treated for hypothermia. up to six inches of rain fell. >> abc2 broke the story on hour website and twitter. you can sign up for alerts on several roads were closed across howard county because of major flooding. some roads had to be shut down because of the dam release. ellicott city was closed. and they are watching the patapsco river. scary moments for drivers stranded in floodwaters in montgomery go. the driver tried to drive through, which is dangerous. there was at least three feet of water. several people had to be rescued. it's a cliche, but turn
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around, don't drown. you never know how deep or fast moving that water s our weather has changed. it's the wind concern as opposed to the flood concern. there will be winter type showers. winds west 22 miles an hour gusting over 30 miles an hour. so wepts slowly beginning to diminish but it's a brutal wind chill feeling like the mid-20s or colder. hour by hour toward your wakeup, look for some snow showers that could arrive around the 4ham to 7 -- 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. time frame. much more coming up. >> just log on to there, you cran -- you can download hour app. you can get everything from live radar on school closings, 24/7. according to text messages
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on michael johnson's cell phone, he was looking to leave the country months after he was arrested. the state introduced phone calls and text messages from the defendant michael jackson's -- michael johnson's cell phone. his brother told him to check with countries around the world that don't extra diet criminals -- extradite criminals. johnson as attorney said the evidence is circumstantial. the state also called the computer forensics expert who testified to phylicia barnes last facebook activity on the day she went missing and the amount of unread messages she had that afternoon. this is a case we've been following for four months president oont abc2 investigators are breaking introduce about the investigation into that
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timonium-based med spa. joce sterman is lear to explain. >> reporter: monarch medspa was closed in september after three patients got sick with an invasive infection and one died. tonight at 11:00 you'll see her on camera for the first time sitting down for an exclusive interview. you'll hear what prompted the investigation of monarch medspa and its closure. >> i screamed, and i told my mom . >> reporter: you lap witherspoon was a nurse and -- eulah witherspoon was a nurse. tonight at 11, our investigation, the loopholes and who can protect you.
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joce sterman, abc2 news. >> bwi thurgood marshalls with a place where hundreds left for the big game in the big easy. >> reporter: the road to the super bowl hasn't been easy for the ravens or the fans. >> reporter: you see them everywhere, purple flowers popping up. for folks going to the game it's a must, but getting there involves planning. to leave bwi for the new orleans skies, that's logistics. >> we're staying inly -- biloxi.
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>> reporter: then you have top rent a car -- top to -- have to rent a car. >> and come get us and take us back. >> reporter: if you didn't make your plans seconds after the ravens beat the patriots you're flying shy of brazil. if you want to make your husband happy, give him a super bowl birthday bash. >> this is my 40th present. >> totally my treat. >> reporter: they have to go through orlando and mississippi. they feel like they're dating again because there are no kids
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here. >> first time in 20 years sense our kid was born that we took a vacation. >> reporter: he's probably mad he's not going. >> he used to go to all the ravens games with me but he's in college. >> we're looking forward to it. we're going to see everything in one day. >> reporter: or you can be a proud daughter whose dad got her there. >> never missed one on tv but never been to one in person. we will start the party tonight. >> reporter: delta had the most today with four fleets going direct but three were booked probably before the super bowl. roosevelt leftwich. >> what's a super bowl without ad fromly wager between the
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maryland zoo and san francisco zoo. the maryland zoo is home to rise and conquer, the official mascot. the san francisco zoo has on exhibit a young black rhino. if the 49ers win, the exhibit will be renamed the ravens exhibit for one day. if 49ers win, the ravens exhibit will be renamed. our aren't company releases -- parent company released the name of the super bowl. let's she who's taking it on. lady antebellum, rock star joan jet and two hall of famers are
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picking the ravens. rose anne bar is peck the other team. andrew dice clay, the 49ers. dallas mavericks owner mark cuban said he's picking the fourth -- 49ers. and the san diego chicken is picking the 49ers. what a bummer. abc2 is your ravens station. we're live with a special. we have live team coverage, plus a breakdown. it all starts right here and continuing through the 6 p.m. and an extra hour of live coverage tomorrow night. it all begins at 7:00. there as still many katrina victims struggling to get back to work. we'll introduce you to a family the st. bernard is helping to
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get back on track. >> what's fact and fiction when it comes to dieting? >> weather wise today we hit 63 receipt after midnight -- right after midnight. as we take a look at our next weather maker, a chance for snow showers in the morning. the details coming up on abc2 news at 6:00.
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start?
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get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. not only are ravens fans great fans, they're great people. abc2's jamie costello led a group of them to rebuild a home on the way to the super bowl. >> reporter: gone. left town. departed. >> no my life didn't stop when
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katrina hit. life goes on. it just makes you a better person. >> i'm used to being in control of stuff. everything i've ever done, put the pieces together. when something happens that you have no control over, it puts you at a loss. >> reporter: in today's world we tend to throw things away, move on and forget about it it. elizabeth and her husband patrick are showing us the opposite. what it has like to stay put, stay home. the st. bernard is restoring things in her life. >> i think it's great. >> the levee broke and it came down the back side here and to this canal. once the canal couldn't take it anymore it started rising and rising. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine something so peaceful could become so angry. >> we couldn't see anything but
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the top of the roof. >> new orleans is in me. >> reporter: this spring the couple will go through their front door for the first time in seven years. >> it also opened up your heart and lets you know, you can get help. >> reporter: they've been living in a cramped apartment since katrina, already screaf -- craving to come back. >> i'm not a person who would jump and scream but i guess i will jump and scream and say my prayers. >> reporter: what have they learned? >> this is something you never think your life has changed so much. >> you can't give up. >> i just knew this was my final home that i would stay here until the end of my life. >> our dream continues. that's the important thing. it's not how you start it but
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how you finish. >> reporter: patrick and elizabeth, 4345 years of -- 45 years of marriage, four kids, grand kids and great grandkids and a loving home. jamie costello, abc2 news. >> you can make a donation to help hurricane katrina victims. just head to just pick ravens nation in the program designation section. in health news tonight when it comes to diet and weight loss, there's a whole lot of information out there, everything from the old wife's tale to modern day blogs on the internet. we look at some popular diet myths separating fact from fiction in tonight's health alert. >> reporter: for any weight loss journey, there are a few rules of the road. this registered dietitian said it's important to know the
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deference between good direction and those that are not. here's some questions clients often ask. first, do carbs make you fat? >> the truth is if you overeat on carbohydrates, fat or proteins, you can gain weight. focus on whole grain options. >> reporter: what about fat is self? does fat make you fat? not all fats are created equal. some sources of good fats include nuts, avocado, and peanut oil. >> having a modest amount of fat can leep you fill full faster so you eat less. >> reporter: eating saturated foods that you find in desserts and fast foods can lead to weight gainlt finally, can i maintain my weight loss without working off? >> it's a myth you can keep the weight off without exercise. exercise is an essential part of
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weight management and living a healthy life. >> reporter: so lace up and get moving. happy travels. reporting for today's health minute. getting hitched apparently does wonders for your heart. a finnish study finds marriage may reduce the risk of heart attacks in men and women. they looked at it over a 10-year period and found heart attacks occur equally in men and women but the flume ber within the up for unmarried people. singles were much more likely to die from a heart attack. it may be because married people have better health habits. plus, couples can lean on each other for support. this large system which brought the heavy vein last night is bring the wind, cold
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temperatures and snow showers. just a couple of light snow showers, primarily carroll county. westward toward daybreak tomorrow a new disturbance could bring more in the way of snow showers. 36 at the airport. we're downer to the theater from the high we had yesterday after mid-night. winds gusting above 30 miles an hour. annapolis, a big chop on the severn river, shaking our camera. in kent island, you see the big whitecaps over the chesapeake bay. one more stop in havre de grace where the susquehanna looked cold. cold and windy and a which on the waters. current winds now are 22 to 25 but gusting higher. the gusts which you notice the most gusting 30 to 35 across the
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board. very windy with a deep wind chill facttor going on -- factor going on. in some spots cold are, 15 in hagerstown. and 30s on parts of the eastern shore. overnight we'll fall into the 20s by the time you wake up but the wind chill will make it feel colder. the possibility of snow showers toward daybreak tomorrow. as we zoom in, tomorrow we'll be back in the mid-30s for highs, just above freezing. still breezy. so not as much wind. probably feels the same when you add it up, not as much brutal wind. it will be a brisk breeze blowing through tomorrow night. looking west we do see a little disturbance sneaks out toward 7 a.m. tomorrow morning. it's tough to make anything out of it. there could be a burst of snow showers activity, especially
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south toward d.c. realize first thing in the morning there could be snow showers, but not enough to add up. maybe it makes things more slippery than normal. into the north and west cold air pours in. we struggle to get out of the 30s. it's a cold pattern the next several days. we'll start to moderate toward super bowl sunday. we'll watch the lake-effect snow machine cranking the snow showers, some of which are coming out of southern pennsylvania and edging their way into maryland. it's as far away -- we're cloudy, windy, snow showers toward day braifnlgt 36 for a high temperature. talk about a reality check, back to winter. 18 tomorrow night. february starts off on a cold note. now we've added the chance for some mixed showers on sunday. looks like there could be a little bit in the way of shower
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activity. i wouldn't cancel any super bowl party plans. the outlook is for more seasonal weather. that's that. man, what a wild change, 24 hours. 70 degrees. now we have wind chills in the 20s. >> a reality check. >> it's been an interesting ride. >> we'll be right back after the break.
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we'll see you at 11.
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